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Due to space accessibility we have postponed the 2023 Seattle Intensive. The Studio at the Cape is nearly complete and we plan to do some small gatherings and training offerings there in the near future. Robyn and Steve are working on new material for when we may come back together. We are looking ahead to 2024 in Seattle and will post additional information as we have it!


Get Your Feet On

The P3/East training is designed to help performers more consistently act on stage with an engaged body and imagination working as one. The practice offers: a combination and counterbalance of the physical rigor, precision, strength in power movements and “inner sensibility” of Tadashi Suzuki’s training with the delicate but still demanding requirements of balance and spaciousness in Shogo Ohta’s slow-tempo, and Hunt and Pearson’s own explorations in finding a clearer presence through breath, specificity, ki study, and silent narrative. These are unique to P3 training.