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P3/East 2020

The P3/East training is designed to help performers more consistently act on stage with an engaged body and imagination working as one. The practice offers: a combination and counterbalance of the physical rigor, precision, strength in power movements and “inner sensibility” of Tadashi Suzuki’s training with the delicate but still demanding requirements of balance and spaciousness in Shogo Ohta’s slow-tempo, and Hunt and Pearson’s own explorations in finding a clearer presence through breath, specificity, ki study, and silent narrative. These are unique to P3 training.


P3/East Seattle 2020 has been indefinitely postponed in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic


A Note from P3/East Artistic Directors Robyn Hunt and Steve Pearson

“It seems clear that we all cannot proceed as if things are normal. We all have to be leaders, we all have to have forbearance, and it seems clear we have to listen to the scientists and medical people who say 3 months—9 months if we are lucky, that things will return to semi-normal. With that in mind, we are working together—with fighting spirit—to do our part to “flatten the curve.”